Ready for bed?

When they are between 1 and 3 years old, most children are ready to move from their cot into their first bed.

There is no set age of course, so you just need to watch out for the cues.

Your child may be geing too big for their cot. Very mobile toddlers may show their readiness by  limbing out of their cot. Other children, particularly those with older siblings, will anticipate the change and begin talking about their new bed.

The transition from a cot is a positive stage in your child’s life, as it’s a step towards them becoming more independent.

However, unsurprisingly, it can be more difficult for some children than others. First-borns, for example, can be more attached to their cot, while subsequent children tend to be keen to emulate a big brother or sister and find the move easier. Some children love their new found freedom and they might suddenly appear by your side after you’ve said goodnight. Others miss the security of the cot and you may find them shaking you awake in the small hours.

One in six parents admitted that moving their toddler from their cot to their first big bed was the time they lost the most sleep however according to Mandy:

mandyThe transition from a cot is a positive stage in your child’s life, as it’s a step towards them becoming more independent.

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