Toddler Sleep Guide

Toddler Sleep Guide

Here at HelloHome we understand the difference a great night’s sleep makes to families, we've spoken to some of the country's leading experts and put their experience to good use. That’s why we create our secure and snug HelloHome toddler beds, that kids can’t wait to sleep in. Our GoGlow lights soothe late-night wakeups and our ReadyBeds create comfort when sleeping away.

Whether your little ones are at home or at Grandma’s, when they’re surrounded by their favourite things, bedtimes are better all round with our Toddler Sleep Guide.

Creating peaceful nights for playful days

At HelloHome, we’re always looking for ways to help families make the most of growing up.

From our HelloHome toddler beds to our GoGlow lights, we create products that promote peaceful nights and playful days.

We recently undertook a survey amongst parents to find out a bit more about their sleeping habits, and what we discovered inspired us to create this toddler sleep guide. One in six parents said that moving their toddler from a cot to their first big bed was the time when they lost the most sleep.

Recognising that this is a difficult time for parents, we’ve joined forces with sleep expert Mandy Gurney, founder of Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic, to create this guide for stress-free bedtimes.

Mandy has 20 years’ experience working with children. She also has two children of her own, so she understands how difficult sleep deprivation can be.

In this guide you’ll find Mandy’s expert advice on how to make the transition from a cot to a bed, her tried and tested sleep routine and some suggestions for your child’s first nights away from home.

‘’Many parents expect the broken night’s sleep to stop after the first six months, but Worlds Apart’s survey has proved that it goes on for much longer than that, in fact well into the toddler and preschool years. Creating a bedroom environment that is friendly and familiar can overcome sleep difficulties that often occur at this age, as it will help your little one feel secure and snug.”

Mandy Gurney, Sleep Expert

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