Top Tips

Want makeover magic? Plan to perfection.
Our new brand ambassador, interior designer Leah Hughes shares her top tips for planning the perfect kids' bedroom makeover.


Having a room to call their own is very important for children. It’s the place where they grow, play, store their things and sleep. The challenge is ensuring it’s comfortable and practical in order to do all those things. The secret is to be prepared – if you plan well you’ll have a happy space that they love and that you’re proud of.  Here are my top 5 tips to kids’ bedroom makeover success.

1 Measure

It might sound simple but as all good designers know the devil is in the detail. Before you start adding those pretty items into your shopping cart make sure you measure the room accurately. This is a great time to get the kids involved, holding the tape measure or for the older ones recording the measurements.

2 Zone

Think about what activities will be carried out in the space, list everything you need the room to house and do, i.e. to RELAX+ PLAY + REST + STORE + CREATE + DISPLAY. This will be your starting point. This is your design brief. From here you can start to plan the room layout. Keep the arrangement simple, put furniture in the corners or sides of the room to maintain space. Whatever the room size, zone and clearly define areas and activities, this keeps the room organised and will make it more visually exciting.


Hold back from buying anything. Pin down your vision by creating a mood board. Collage images, paint cards and fabric samples or start pinning on Pinterest to gather all of ideas you are exploring. Remember, a mood board is a work in progress, keep amending and adding things to it until you are happy that everything sits well together, and you have nailed your interior design scheme.


Once your mood board is complete, prepare a shopping list and budget. Include all of the interior elements needed, starting with priority items such as your child’s bed and storage. These can inspire a theme that can follow through to lighting, occasional seating, fixings and decorative display items.


A budget will make you think savvier and tap into your creativity. Invest in key items such as children’s beds and economise by getting creative with decorative items such as upcycled picture frames and DIY dens.

Leah has chosen her favourite picks from our latest HelloHome collection. Head over to Leah Loves for a little inspiration.