Wow! 95% of parents with a toddler bed love their choice

In our recent PowWow survey about children's bedroom furniture, of the 33% of parents who had bought a toddler bed, a whopping 95% were pleased that they did.

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As creators of children’s bedroom furniture and lifestyle products, we’re obsessed with finding out about the products parents buy and whether they’re making a difference to their lives – so we use PowWow to find our more. We host events, organise focus groups and send out a nosy survey or two!

In a recent PowWow, we asked mums, dads, guardians and grandparents about their children’s cots, toddler beds, single beds and everything in-between.

95% of parents were happy they had bought a toddler bed

Nothing beats a top tip from one parent to another – it’s always good to know someone else has been through it all before. That’s why we were pleased to find out that the majority of parents who had bought a toddler bed would recommend one to other parents.

When you’re preparing to move your child into a bigger bed, their safety is one of your biggest concerns. So it’s reassuring to know that safety was the reason that over 50% of parents gave for choosing a toddler bed in the first place. The safety factor was also why most parents felt that they could recommend the product to another parent.

Yes I would [recommend a toddler bed] because they are practical and a single is too big and high for such a small person!

HelloHome toddlers beds have been built with your child’s safety in mind. Much lower to the ground than a kids’ single bed, and with protective sides to keep little ones safe and snug, a HelloHome toddler bed provides comfort and security when your toddler needs it most.

Easy construction and under-bed storage were the two most popular toddler bed features

HelloHome toddler beds really are fantastic beds for kids – with gorgeous designs and cute characters. Most also come with under bed storage for their toys and teddies. They’re typically used by children between the ages of 1-2, with the characters supporting the transition between their cot and a big bed – little ones have even been known to jump straight in the minute the bed’s been put up!

They’re also a savvy solution for busy mums and dads, as they are easy and quick to assemble and come with simple, clear instructions.


Yes I would [recommend a toddler bed] because they are a great way to teach your toddler to sleep in a bed.

In fact, HelloHome toddler beds have oodles of features that make them the perfect choice for slumbering tots:

• Lower to the ground and a size that’s just right for toddlers – so it’s less daunting than the leap up from a cot to a kids’ single bed
• Protective panels to keep them safe and snug
• Cute characters kids adore, with stylish designs parents love too – so they make ideal nursery furniture
• Under-bed storage, perfect for tidying up toys
• Simple assembly – more time to play!

I would recommend the Thomas and Friends [toddler bed] because it is fun and well made.

 When is it the right time to move your child up to a toddler bed?

Every child is different. Children’s sleep expert, Mandy Gurney has provided us with three simple signs that you can look out for:

1) Your little one is looking too big for his or her cot (it looks snug)
2) They are starting to try to climb out
3) They’ve started talking about a bigger bed (this is more common if they have older siblings)

If you think your child might be starting to outgrow their cot, be sure to explore our new range of super-stylish HelloHome toddler beds. There are girls’ beds and boys’ beds, car beds and princess beds, plus you’ll find most of our toddler beds are available as part of a kids’ bedroom furniture set. With bookcases, toy boxes and more, you can create the bedroom of their dreams.


TV presenter and mum of two Angellica Bell recently road tested our HelloHome StarBright Toddler Bed with her little boy. Read her review here.

* February PowWow was a survey of 410 parents