How a Peppa Pig toddler bed helped one little girl make the transition from her cot…

We recently sent blogger 'Mummy of Two' and her little girl a Peppa Pig toddler bed, to see if it could help Little Miss A make the transition from her cot. It seems as though it was a success - after Big Mr A assembled the toddler bed using the easy build instructions, Little Miss A jumped straight in and was ready for bed.

Watch for yourself!


A toddler bed could help your little ones make the transition from their cot too. As the UK’s no1 producer of toddler beds, we understand what kids need to help with their bedtime routines.

Our toddler beds are bursting with character, making them beds kids love to sleep in. The familiar characters provide a friendly face in a new environment and the adorable designs help you to create a special space that’s all their own.

He could be zooming off to sleep with a HelloHome Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Toddler Bed; she could be drifting off to dreamland with Minnie Mouse, Spider-Man could help save the day, giving him confidence after his cot, and a HelloHome Disney Princess Carriage Toddler Bed will add a sprinkle of fairy-tale sparkle to every snooze with its magical light up canopy.

All of our HelloHome toddler beds have protective sides, so your little ones will be tucked up safe and sound for a tumble free night. Toddler beds are low to the ground too, so perfect size for little legs to hop in and out of bed on their own.

With a bed that’s made for them – that they can’t wait to sleep in – bedtimes are better all round.

Advice from Children’s Sleep Expert, Mandy Gurney

When should you move your child out of their cot?
When they are between 1 and 3 years old, most children are ready to move from their cot into their first bed. There is no set age of course, so you just need to watch out for the cues. Your child may be getting too big for their cot. Very mobile toddlers may show their readiness by climbing out of their cot. Other children, particularly those with older siblings, will anticipate the change and begin talking about their new bed.

Why is it such a tricky stage?
The transition from a cot is a positive stage in your child’s life, as it’s a step towards them becoming more independent. However, unsurprisingly, it can be more difficult for some children than others. First-borns, for example, can be more attached to their cot, while subsequent children tend to be keen to emulate a big brother or sister and find the move easier. Some children love their newfound freedom and they might suddenly appear by your side after you’ve said goodnight. Others miss the security of the cot and you may find them shaking you awake in the small hours.

What can parents do to help?

Many parents choose to use a toddler bed in the first instance, rather than going straight from a cot to a single bed. They are smaller and much lower to the ground than a single bed; they often have a safety guard and come in a variety of colours and themes.

For additional sleep tips from Mandy, including how to choose a bed that’s safe for sleep, please download the Toddler Sleep Guide that Mandy has written exclusively for us.

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