Bed Buyer’s Guide

Bed Buyer’s Guide

Compare a moses basket to a single bed and you quickly realise children do a lot of growing, and fast! As children develop there are many different styles and sizes of bed to choose from – so how do we know what’s “just right”?

Typically, parents choose to keep newborns nearby in a moses basket or crib, before moving them into a cot or cot bed. These have been designed to help babies feel safe, secure and relaxed for sleep. If your toddler has started to look cramped in their cot, or they’re trying climb out in the night, it could be a sign that they’re ready to move into a big bed.

Children are usually ready to move out of their cots between the ages of 18 months and three years*, but they may not be ready for a single bed at this stage. Toddler beds are smaller, lower to the ground and come styled in a range of characters and themes, so they can be easier for a toddler to adjust to.

Whichever stage your child is at, our guide has been designed to make choosing his or her next bed as straightforward as possible.

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